Monday, July 17, 2017

Zucchini revivial

We are back!  The girls want to get to our goal of 100 deliveries that we set years ago.  So here we go.  Gigi harvested, grated and made this super yummy zucchini bread.  Viv helped at the end.  We used this recipe because it calls for sour cream and we had some that we needed to use up!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Delivery #74

The neighbors we know best are of the 4 legged variety.  We meet you when you walk past our house, or we walk past yours, or we meet mid walk; sometimes we meet when my dog chases after yours ;0 (we are working on that).  We probably know more dog names than people names.  There are so many dogs around here that the UPS driver carries dog treats in her pocket.

If we have the right house we met this dog mid walk a while back and now we see Copper and her parents all the time.  Viv really wanted to make Copper some dog treats but I keep forgetting to get the ingredients so Oreos it is (SORRY BUDDY)!  Enjoy!  And a shout out to all of our neighborhood dog friends!

Oreo Fever

We are early morning Pintresting recipes.  Everything Viv chooses has Oreos in it...we don't have Oreos.  Never fear a recipe popped up on how to make your own Oreos.  The recipe is really easy, all done in a food processor.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Delivery #73

It's hot today so you were the closest house that hasn't been hit yet.  Enjoy!


Our rhubarb is finally ready to use.  The snails have been making quite the meals from my rhubarb leaves but the stalks have survived.  We found this recipe for rhubarb muffins, chosen because it uses greek yogurt and we have some we need to use up.

Dancing with rhubarb umbrellas.

1,2,3 crack the egg.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Delivery #72

We really love our home and new neighborhood but the big boys were really missing their friends from the old hood.  There were several boys there that they had grown up with, it was hard for them to leave. It doesn't help that the scale in this house is tipped to introverts.  (Our youngest fireball being the exception).   That's why meeting this family has been so great especially for my big boys.  Nothing like an extrovert to get the party started.  Now the boys have met several friends in the neighborhood.  So thanks for having fun kiddos over there!

Delivery #70 and #71

We are off to buy groceries so these are drive-by drop offs with Viv.  We are getting confused about which houses we have already visited so these two were ones that we knew we haven't been to yet. Enjoy!