Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Delivery #74

The neighbors we know best are of the 4 legged variety.  We meet you when you walk past our house, or we walk past yours, or we meet mid walk; sometimes we meet when my dog chases after yours ;0 (we are working on that).  We probably know more dog names than people names.  There are so many dogs around here that the UPS driver carries dog treats in her pocket.

If we have the right house we met this dog mid walk a while back and now we see Copper and her parents all the time.  Viv really wanted to make Copper some dog treats but I keep forgetting to get the ingredients so Oreos it is (SORRY BUDDY)!  Enjoy!  And a shout out to all of our neighborhood dog friends!

Oreo Fever

We are early morning Pintresting recipes.  Everything Viv chooses has Oreos in it...we don't have Oreos.  Never fear a recipe popped up on how to make your own Oreos.  The recipe is really easy, all done in a food processor.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Delivery #73

It's hot today so you were the closest house that hasn't been hit yet.  Enjoy!


Our rhubarb is finally ready to use.  The snails have been making quite the meals from my rhubarb leaves but the stalks have survived.  We found this recipe for rhubarb muffins, chosen because it uses greek yogurt and we have some we need to use up.

Dancing with rhubarb umbrellas.

1,2,3 crack the egg.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Delivery #72

We really love our home and new neighborhood but the big boys were really missing their friends from the old hood.  There were several boys there that they had grown up with, it was hard for them to leave. It doesn't help that the scale in this house is tipped to introverts.  (Our youngest fireball being the exception).   That's why meeting this family has been so great especially for my big boys.  Nothing like an extrovert to get the party started.  Now the boys have met several friends in the neighborhood.  So thanks for having fun kiddos over there!

Delivery #70 and #71

We are off to buy groceries so these are drive-by drop offs with Viv.  We are getting confused about which houses we have already visited so these two were ones that we knew we haven't been to yet. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Take a Swig

Every one is talking about Swig sugar cookies, we have tried them they are good but we prefer PopShop in Riverton.  We decided to try our hand and the new sugar cookie craze.  We chose this recipe because the pics looked like the real deal. We didn't quite have enough butter for the cookies so we used a little coconut oil.  For the frosting we wanted to copy PopShop, their cookies are all different pop flavors.  The only pop we had was Ginger Ale so we halved the milk in the frosting, added 1/8 cup ginger ale and 1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger and a splash of almond extract.  We also substituted coconut oil for butter and greek yogurt for sour cream.

Cash was my helper today so I got a few pics of his cute new junior high haircut.  

Delivery #67 #68 and #69

Three deliveries today, and we had some extra help. It's hot today and it doesn't look like any of your home so hopefully you didn't end up with a melty sticky mess.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Want S'more?

Fun fun project today.  Its S'mores on a stick.  We even have some guest neighborhood Fehrys.

Roasting marshmallows on the gas burners

Dip the chocolate in graham cracker crumbs


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Muffins Fresh from the Garden

Check out the size of this squash!  I love it when friends share their garden, especially since my garden had a bad case of Failure to Thrive.  This squash was from a friends garden, she brought him over tonight along with some kale and green peppers.
We had a couple of overripe bananas that seemed to be a perfect pairing with Mr. Squash in this muffin recipe.

Delivery #65 and #66

Gigi, Viv, Leia, and me; all the girls made deliveries today! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Delivery #65

We have a lot to owe to this family; destroyed upholstery on our new sectional, scratched up bar stools, and a case of pink eye.  Haha they are the ones who found our cat when he was a tiny abandoned kitten on the trail behind our house.
All joking aside we love the cat and are very grateful we get the chance to have him.  Enjoy.

Delivery #64

This home wins the prize for best yard in the neighborhood.  Not only does their yard look beautiful but they also have the most adorable gnomes and garden treasures hidden throughout.
We had a gnome once but he hated being an only gnome in a shabby garden.  This sweet couple has taken him in and he seems so happy now.  
Enjoy your treats and don't look at the bottom of the rolls (they are a bit blackened.)


Busy day today so we stuck cinnamon roll dough stuff in the bread machine to make later.  It's later! This recipe is fool proof.  We used this icing recipe.

Cannon trying to roll a perfect rectangle.

Using dental floss to cut the rolls, you may taste a hint of mint ;)

Ok ok I overcooked these a bit but with enough frosting it just doesn't matter.

Delivery #62 and #63 and a Sweet Treat

A little late posting this, made our deliveries on our way to a food truck rally.  Then we got busy eating and forgot to post.  Hope you enjoyed!

Also a cute little family left some yummy treats for us...thanks!

G wants the last one.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ancient Fehry Secret

When Jason and I got married there were two things that Jason would ask me to make; his Mom's turkey stuffing casserole and his grandmother's blondies.  I got the stuffing recipe from his mom (although he always say his moms is better).  I thought for sure I knew how to make blondies so I went through recipe after recipe, it was never right.  After about 5 years he told me that it had no chocolate chips and about 10 years into marriage he told me it had a crust on top, I couldn't even find a recipe close to that.  This January was our 20th anniversary, which means I have spent almost 20 years trying to recreate this recipe from his memory.   Thanksgiving of last year Jason's parents came out for a visit, they live in New York so we haven't spent a lot of time with them. We got to talking about the blondies.  His mom texted his aunt who then texted another aunt who had the recipe! Jason's dad was even excited to taste these elusive blondies again. It was a fun moment, to hear them reminiscing about Jason's grandma and grandpa, they had died before we met.  It was one of those few minutes in time that sticks in your brain as opposed to the other billion minutes that slip away unremarkable.  

Jason lost his dad this spring.  It breaks my heart to think my kids won't grow up close to their grandpa.  We will have to make memories last and this recipe is a special connection to those memories.  

Measuring butter

Separating the eggs.

The amazing top crust.

I have to say this recipe was worth the wait.  I've never had anything like it, its buttery yummy brownie texture on bottom with a sweet sugar crust on top that snaps a little when you bite it.  You aren't going to find this recipe on Pinterest, this is a one of a kind.  Believe me I've looked ;)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Delivery #61

This goes to the little buddy that likes to hang over here.  He says he can't eat wheat so here are some gluten free treats! The lite three made this delivery all by themselves. Enjoy!

Delivery #58, #59, and #60

We had a big delivery crew out today. Enjoy!

Glutton of Gluten Freeness

G and I try to try stay off gluten, she because of her eczema and me because I feel better.  We decided to make some gluten free muffins to freeze for breakfasts on those school morning when we are stressed for time (every morning).  I feel like chocolate does a good job of hiding the gluten freeness.  So chocolate it is.  Plus this recipe hides a secret veggie,  which is my secret passion in life - sneaking veggies into my kids food ;)

Viv is the only kid allowed to know the secret ingredient because she will eat anything (except raw tomatoes and coconut) so she gets as much joy as me from sneaking in veggies.

Fun in the Sun-day

We have a package of Trader Joes gummy bears that are burning a hole in our pantry shelf.  What can you do with gummy bears?  Ask Pinterest.  She says (I'm positive that Pinterest is a girl) you can make a movie cake.  It kind of a hybrid of rice crispy treats and popcorn balls with candy and chocolate thrown in.