Friday, July 31, 2015

Delivery #55

This was a drive by.  We haven't met you yet.  Enjoy!

Delivery #54

We are running late for a bowling date so Gigi is going to deliver these because she is freaking fast. She went so fast she ran to the wrong door, we had already delivered there.  Luckily we caught her in time.

You haven't been here long, we hope you are enjoying the neighborhood!


Everyone is moping around this morning so we had helpers go in and out of helper mode.  Due to the lemon bars last night we are out of eggs so we found this quirky little cookie recipe that only uses four ingredients.
Viv stirring the butter

 G out if helper mode, wrestling the dog.

Back to helping.  We don't like to use artificial ingredients so this is all natural food coloring.  We chose blue but actually turned out to be a beautiful lavender color.

The cookies were so pretty and delicate that we decided to add edible lavender buds to the top,

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Delivery #53

Girls again.  We headed out of the house one direction and every person was either mowing the lawn or working in the garage.  So we headed the other direction and found this house.  Enjoy!

Bars of Gold

Lemon bars are Cash's specialty so the boys decided to make some today.  He usually uses Ina Garten's recipe but it calls for 6 eggs and we only have 4 so we are hoping Paula Deen knows lemon bars like Ina does.  They added some lemon zest to the recipe because Ina does it that way.  They also found my new flour sifter and used it as a lemon seed/pulp strainer, I guess that works but its a bugger to clean.
Fresh lemons

Lemon awesomeness. 

Crack an egg on your head.

Darn I had to try this one too. Great texture but not quite as lemony tart as Ina's recipe.

Delivery #52

If I have the right house I think a love of Bulldogs brought us together, haha.  We met while you were dog sitting the beautiful Pearl.  We had to chase you down and talk dogs.  So nice to meet you.

(If this makes no sense to you then I have the wrong house, enjoy the cookies and we will meet you soon, oh and I love your bench and rocking chairs.)

Delivery #51

Viv picked you.  We think it was your adorable blonde little girl that said "you are so good at sliding and you are beautiful" to Viv the other day at a birthday sweet. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Delivery #50

Ding ding ding!!!! Our 50th delivery!!!

We know you, in fact we worked hard to convince you to move to the neighborhood!  Glad you did. Enjoy.

Delivery #49

Gigi chose this house.  I think we met you a few weeks ago.  We helped you figure out that your kitten does not care for dogs ;)  We didn't realize you were neighbors until we saw you walk back to your house, sorry for the late introduction! Welcome to the neighborhood


Viv again, Snickerdoodles are her fav so we looked for a twist on the classic.  Browned Butter Snickerdoodles.. Oh My!  So I am writing after the fact so my house is filled with nutty buttery sugary cinnamony smell. Truth be told, I don't eat gluten so I haven't tried most of these treats but I had to try these. These are amazing, or it could be that I haven't had a yummy baked goody in so long that anything would be amazing!

Browning the butter.

Look who woke up, loving the new sifter.

Roll in cinnamon sugar.

You need to try these.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Delivery #48

Gigi picked this house because the front door was at the right angle to easily doorbell ditch.  Enjoy!  Oh and we ran out of vegetable oil so your cake has coconut oil which makes the cake practically a health food ;)

Delivery #47

Our very tolerant neighbors.  We like them so much that we clean out their garage litter box for them every so often.  Well actually Leia sneaks in and eats all the "tootsie rolls" out of the litter box ;)

Viv chose this delivery, she said they have big kids and big kids would like cake.

Thanks for being great!

Crazy Day Crazy Cake

KLots going on today so the littles and I got started early.  We have been wanting to try this recipe for a while, it's Crazy Cake, no eggs, butter, or milk.  Rumor is that it was made during the Depression when those items were a luxury.  Mostly it looked fun for the kids.  I found this sifter in the clearance bin at Harmons yesterday.  Growing up we had those old time tin sifters but I haven't found one since, this was pretty close.  Each kid made their own cake, no arguments that way!
Frosting was from this recipe plus we added vanilla and a little sea salt to make it Salted Carmel.  It is really good I will be using that again!

Add the dry ingredients then make three indentations for the wet.

Pour a cup of water over the whole thing and mix in the pan.

Fun fun project but quite messy!

Frosting so easy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Delivery #46 It's a dog eat cookie world

So this delivery was back to the old hood.  A neighbor was having surgery today.  They weren't back from the hospital yet so I left the cookies on top of their outdoor bar area.  Saw this as I was leaving.
This was all I was able to salvage.

It's the thought that counts right??

Delivery #45

We think you just moved in.  I loved this house when it was a model and now we have the cute puppy pics from the little boys room thanks to the model home sale. Hope you are enjoying your new home, welcome to the neighborhood.

Delivery #44

G picked this house, the door matches her personality sunny and bright.  We don't know you yet...hello!


Wow we are on a roll.  G is outside trying out her new roller skates and all the boys are playing basketball, its just Viv and me.  Viv is loving this project; it means spending time with mom, making people happy, and eating sugar.  So she is bored and decides to make more cookies.  We are getting low on ingredients so we chose this recipe because it uses oil we are almost out of butter and it uses butterscotch chips (which is Viv's third favorite chip)  and oatmeal which we have plenty of.

Viv chats with me a lot.  Other than her family very few people even know she can talk.  She is very quit once she goes outside these walls but inside she doesn't stop.  She chats about random things - puppies, whether she will be a good mom, her favorite colors, her memories.  Its almost as if her inner voice needs to speak out loud for her little brain to work through things.  Last weekend it was just her and I in the car and she was full on chatting so I turned on the voice recorder on my Iphone and recorded her musings.  She talked for 22 minutes, the whole ride home.  I know soon enough she will be off doing things that teenagers do and mom will no longer be her human diary, her secret keeper, her best friend.  When that time comes I can replay that 22 minutes and cherish these times.

Delivery #43

This was a random house pick by Cash.  Enjoy!

Delivery #42

We met these neighbors the other night and they brought chocolate.

Delivery #41

Cute family here.  FYI it's play dough and its edible but we don't recommend eating it!  Update - the dog actually ate our half of this play dough while we were making deliveries and then drank an entire kiddie pool of water.  If anyone sees a bright pink poop in their yard...well you know who is to blame.

Rolling in the Dough

Gigi has wanted to make edible playdough for a really long time,  So today we scoured the web for a recipe and found one that used Jello. 

We found a Jello at Target that has no artificial color or flavor which is very cool but the colors aren't as vibrant as regular Jello.   We are using raspberry.

Goes from very liquid to a clump of sticky dough in a few minutes.
Fun but G is quite disappointed in the flavor, tastes like real play dough. I guess edible doesn't mean tasty.

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

Jason and I got up early this morning for a walk, it was cold, 55 degrees!  When we got back the girls were just waking up and ready to bake.  We searched "cookies" on Pinterest and they decided on Lemon Crinkles. We left out the food coloring and lemon extract.

 Nothing smells brighter than lemon zest in the morning.  

Scraping the sides

Roll in sugar.

Such a pretty little cookie.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Delivery #40

Boys picked this one.

Caramel Love

Cash has been brewing an idea in his head.  Take normal cookie dough spread it in a pan then add caramels.  Sounds delicious and I finally remembered to get him some caramels so its on the docket for this afternoon.  He is a self sufficient cookie maker (until it comes to cleanup) so I just took the photos.
Our little baking it.

Caught Cash dancing.

Recipe he used for the cookie dough.
The secret ingredient.
A little sticky but ooey goooey!