Monday, August 3, 2015

Ancient Fehry Secret

When Jason and I got married there were two things that Jason would ask me to make; his Mom's turkey stuffing casserole and his grandmother's blondies.  I got the stuffing recipe from his mom (although he always say his moms is better).  I thought for sure I knew how to make blondies so I went through recipe after recipe, it was never right.  After about 5 years he told me that it had no chocolate chips and about 10 years into marriage he told me it had a crust on top, I couldn't even find a recipe close to that.  This January was our 20th anniversary, which means I have spent almost 20 years trying to recreate this recipe from his memory.   Thanksgiving of last year Jason's parents came out for a visit, they live in New York so we haven't spent a lot of time with them. We got to talking about the blondies.  His mom texted his aunt who then texted another aunt who had the recipe! Jason's dad was even excited to taste these elusive blondies again. It was a fun moment, to hear them reminiscing about Jason's grandma and grandpa, they had died before we met.  It was one of those few minutes in time that sticks in your brain as opposed to the other billion minutes that slip away unremarkable.  

Jason lost his dad this spring.  It breaks my heart to think my kids won't grow up close to their grandpa.  We will have to make memories last and this recipe is a special connection to those memories.  

Measuring butter

Separating the eggs.

The amazing top crust.

I have to say this recipe was worth the wait.  I've never had anything like it, its buttery yummy brownie texture on bottom with a sweet sugar crust on top that snaps a little when you bite it.  You aren't going to find this recipe on Pinterest, this is a one of a kind.  Believe me I've looked ;)

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