Saturday, July 25, 2015

Flour Fehries New Neighborhood Edition!

Wow!  5 years later!  It has been so fun looking over this blog.  So much has changed including our house.  We moved in almost a year ago but still haven't really met the neighborhood so we have decided to do an encore Flour Fehries New Neighborhood Edition for the next 3 weeks before school starts.  So let me introduce ourselves.
I'm from Idaho, grew up on a ranch went to college in Texas.  Met Jason, he is from a rural town near Rochester NY.  We married in 1995, moved to Idaho for a year then back to Dallas.  In 2000 we moved to Utah for a job.

Cannon our oldest is 13 he is intelligent, responsible. Cannon loves to cook/eat and even got to fly to New York City a few years ago to film a cooking show pilot for kids.  He plays basketball and volleyball, has high honors, and was Student Council Vice he is a cool kid.

Cashel is 11 and is quiet, thoughtful, sensitive, and extremely sarcastic!  Cash likes to play computer games but that's ok because he says he is just practicing for when he is a game designer when he grows up ;)  He plays basketball, and just got elected to the Student Council for this coming school year.

Vivian is 9 and possibly the sweetest girl you will ever meet.  She LOVES dogs, she is compassionate, silly, and extremely creative.  Viv has Dyslexia which makes school a challenge at times, she meets those challenges head on, she will do big things in this world.  She is a budding artist, takes gymnastics, is a new girl scout and is taking dog training classes every week with Leia.

Kai is 7, he is friendly, determined, goal oriented, and athletic.  He likes to read, do math, and write but does not like school ;)  Kai does Tae Kwan Do and plays soccer and basketball, he will be starting football in the fall and I bet he is going to love it.

Gigi is 5 and about to start Kindergarten in the fall.  Gigi is outgoing, confident and busy...very busy. Gigi loves gymnastics and is currently up to 5 back handsprings in a row, its pretty amazing.  She also taught herself how to tie her own shoes this summer by watching youtube and can sing Let It Go from Frozen 300 times in a row.

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