Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Wow we are on a roll.  G is outside trying out her new roller skates and all the boys are playing basketball, its just Viv and me.  Viv is loving this project; it means spending time with mom, making people happy, and eating sugar.  So she is bored and decides to make more cookies.  We are getting low on ingredients so we chose this recipe because it uses oil we are almost out of butter and it uses butterscotch chips (which is Viv's third favorite chip)  and oatmeal which we have plenty of.

Viv chats with me a lot.  Other than her family very few people even know she can talk.  She is very quit once she goes outside these walls but inside she doesn't stop.  She chats about random things - puppies, whether she will be a good mom, her favorite colors, her memories.  Its almost as if her inner voice needs to speak out loud for her little brain to work through things.  Last weekend it was just her and I in the car and she was full on chatting so I turned on the voice recorder on my Iphone and recorded her musings.  She talked for 22 minutes, the whole ride home.  I know soon enough she will be off doing things that teenagers do and mom will no longer be her human diary, her secret keeper, her best friend.  When that time comes I can replay that 22 minutes and cherish these times.

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