Saturday, July 25, 2015

Big Boys

Little 3 are at a birthday party so big boys are in charge today. The boys are hungry all the time so it's really not hard getting them to bake because that means they can take lots of testers.  
This is one of their favs.  It was one of mine too.  I remember we tried to make them in 5th grade but they didn't set up, it was a sad day:(  

Here is the recipe
These two are still great buddies...warms my heart. Cash wanted to get on the counter like we did in the old Flour Fehry days. Yikes!
Leia is our latest Fehry addition, she likes food as much as the boys and is quite interested in what the boys are doing.
This recipe is nice because only one pan gets dirty.
Cash wants to try them NOW so he got his fan out to make the set up go faster.

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