Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crazy Day Crazy Cake

KLots going on today so the littles and I got started early.  We have been wanting to try this recipe for a while, it's Crazy Cake, no eggs, butter, or milk.  Rumor is that it was made during the Depression when those items were a luxury.  Mostly it looked fun for the kids.  I found this sifter in the clearance bin at Harmons yesterday.  Growing up we had those old time tin sifters but I haven't found one since, this was pretty close.  Each kid made their own cake, no arguments that way!
Frosting was from this recipe plus we added vanilla and a little sea salt to make it Salted Carmel.  It is really good I will be using that again!

Add the dry ingredients then make three indentations for the wet.

Pour a cup of water over the whole thing and mix in the pan.

Fun fun project but quite messy!

Frosting so easy.

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