Saturday, November 6, 2010

Delivery #32

This long distance delivery is going to some very special friends that we miss very much. They moved across the country a few months ago. Their kids were Cashel and Vivian's age, they moved here just before the girls were born. At the time I didn't have a huge circle of close friends but within months this mama had organized an entire social network of moms who have now become my closest friends. We just love them to death and REALLY miss them.
I made this delivery to the post office which is one of my least favorite places in the world. I was so excited to see the line was only 3 people deep...still took 20 minutes! I even forgot to take my delivery photo!


  1. We were just hit by the flour fehries an what a fun surprise. This is such a fun idea! I need to take mother classes from fun women like you! I searched the blog for a picture of the mom of this adventure but had no luck. Hope to one day put the kids with the mom and thank you one day! Thanks again. The Bowen Family!