Thursday, November 11, 2010

Delivery #33 Two birds with one baking stone

This week we haven't done a ton of Flour Fehry deliveries because we are doing an I Am Thankful project that has daily activities. Today's Thankful card said "I am thankful for my neighbors, do something nice for them today". So of course we are going to bake. This goes to some brand new neighbors that we haven't met yet. We hear they have 4.5 kids (5 kids is the new 4 in this neighborhood). So we figured we had better welcome them. Welcome! (we are the first house on the trail head culdesac).
Cannon and Viv were the delivery Fehries. This family has one of their trees all wrapped up for the winter but Kai thinks it is a giant spider so there is no way he was going to volunteer. Cannon just came from his choir performance so he was in a cummerbund and bow tie, very classy.

This was the first time I remembered to tell them about using the flash...much better.

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