Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Delivery #35

We've been saving this delivery for a really busy delivery day because they live really close to they boys' school; its perfect for a quick drop off. This is an adorable little fam that hasn't lived here very long but has already done more things in Utah than we have done in 10 years. This cute little mama is a crafter after my own heart and is aways working on new fun projects. If my available crafting hours were anything other than the current 10pm to midnight, I'd be crafting with her.
Viv and Cannon made this delivery and it went fine until the automatic door stuck on the return, so we drove away with the side door open until we could close it without being seen. Oh and today was a very busy delivery day because we had to hurry home for our LAST and FINAL social worker visit before Gigi is officially ours!!!

1 comment:

  1. You are too sweet! You can come craft with me ANYTIME! We'll have to plan a late night crafting date!

    Congrats on Gigi becoming an official member of the Flour Fehries!