Wednesday, September 15, 2010

8 cups of flour and a dishwasher later...

Viv's day today. She had been really excited all week because she knows who she wants to have the Fehries visit today, she can hardly wait. The only thing standing in her way is actual baking. I set her down with two cook books open to the "cookie" chapters and told her to pick out a recipe while I put the baby down for a nap. Came back and she had just chosen the first recipe on the first cookbook she looked at - Molasses Raisin Chews (obviously she can't read, pretty sure the name would have been a turn off). We had all the ingredients so we began.
Molasses comes in a cool rabbit bottle. "Mom, what sound does a rabbit make?"

(KNOCK KNOCK) someone is at the door. It's our friend from delivery #1 with a thank you! It's root beer flavored stevia drops. Their family uses it in their water to make it a little more fun to drink

We'd better try some....yummmy!!

Whoops, Kai spilled (then Viv spilled, then Kai spilled his second cup)

Back to baking. Doootooooodoooooo laaalaaaala. Molasses is sooooo slow.

Phone rings...its dad! "UH OH, I have to go...bye"

Kai is really working hard to clean up the flour

Kai was working so hard he didn't notice the dishwasher door was down. Walked into it going backward, fell butt first into the door. Dishwasher falls forward snapping off of the cabinet.

Here is the recipe....I'm NEVER making these again! (although they actually are really good!)

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  1. Yay for the Flour Fehries! Great pics -- I'm always inspired by the most creative momma on the block. Thanks for making our day.