Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple week field trip

Ok, when I grew up if you wanted to go pick apples you went out to the apple tree and picked apples. You knew to avoid worm holes, bird poop, and rotten apples. Suburban kiddos aren't born with this knowledge. Today we drove to the apple orchard, where we picked 5lbs of rotten, wormy, bird poopy apples and paid more per pound for the privilege of picking than I did earlier in the week at the grocery store. However, we had an awesome time.
This kitty greeted us as we got out of the car. From the look of his half-there ear, and funky foot we are thinking his name is Lucky (or Unlucky).

Cannon was the only one that could really reach the apples. Here is looking for worm holes, he thought anything less than 2-3 worm holes was acceptable.

Kai tripped on the irragation hose and lost his entire bucket of apples. So he is starting over.

Viv had an eye for a good apple, well at least she stayed away from the totally rotten apples.

The big boys

The whole crew.

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