Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Delivery #8 double duty

This delivery was actually on my schedule for tomorrow (I know it's Kai's day but he is very easily influenced), but Viv chose these guys a day early on her day. Viv chose to give these to their 3 year old daughter who had played together earlier in the day. This little girl is also a budding chef and made us blueberry and green pea smoothies last time we were over at her house. I think Viv knew no matter what creation she brought over it would be appreciated by a kindred artisan. I had wanted to make this delivery because it was their cabin I spent my Mom's night away at this last weekend. It was so fun to kick back kid free. This mama had thought of everything and made it a true night to relax, such an awesome gift to this worn out mom. She had done so much work and preparation that I wanted to send a big Fehry thank you! I love that she made it so special for us. This friend is also the one I can bounce my crazy ideas off of and she never seems shocked or appalled, nice to have a judgement free sounding board. So from Viv and Mom Fehry thanks to our friends, we love you.

Oh, I forgot to add that Viv and Cannon Fehry were the delivery guys. We actually parked a long ways down the street so we wouldn't be seen so they had a long jog back to the car after the doorbell ring but they did it!

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