Thursday, September 16, 2010

Delivery #4 Dogged Delivery

It was Kai's fist day to be delivery Fehry but due to an incident earlier in the day, he lost his privilege.

Thus, Viv and Cash were our delivery crew but hey were both too nervous to ring the doorbell so I was in charge of that. Delivery made, rang the doorbell, we ran back to the car. Neighbors two big Labs wondered what we were running from and started chasing us. Fun...times!

This delivery was to our dearest Utah friends. Cannon's first and best friend, and my very first mommy friend. So fun now to be celebrating her youngest's 2nd b-day!!!

Happy Second!!!!!!!!

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  1. Emmi LOVED her present and all the kids inhaled the cupcakes. Thank you for being such wonderful friends. :)