Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delivery #13

Viv's choice and she chose her best little boy buddy. She also chose him as her future husband about 2 years ago in the toddler years. This little guy is "ALL BOY" which oddly is something Viv totally relates to. She lives in a boy heavy household; most of the siblings are boys, most of the toys are for boys, the games and books are for boys, all the neighbors are boys. She's not a tomboy by any means but Viv knows boys, its her comfort zone. Put her in a room of girls and I can feel her awkwardness. She doesn't know princesses, or how to twirl, she isn't graceful, and complicated relationships just aren't her thing. So I think she appreciates the simplicity of just playing hard when she hangs with this buddy.
His mama has also been a huge influence in my spiritual growth. She was the first person I've met that shared the same search for answers to the same questions. She is one of those friends that spurs you on to another level and I am forever grateful for that relationship.
Today's delivery was pretty uncomplicated except that I had Viv and Cash as Delivery Fehries an they are both doorbell ringing chickens so I had to ring the door bell and run.

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