Friday, September 17, 2010

Cannon chip cookies

Cannon has already decided that he will ONLY be making recipes with chocolate chips when its his turn. He is going to find the perfect CC cookie recipe so each week he will try a new on. This week all we had in the pantry was mini-chocolate chips so he made the recipe on the back of the package.

Cannon is the most advanced of the Fehries so he pretty much makes the cookies himself (mom still bakes them, I think he is bored by that time). He did have two sweet helpers today (Cashel was downstairs having a piano lesson).

These were good but we can do better!

You my notice that today's Fehry session is quite short and to the point. That is because this mama Fehry is headed out of town for delightful girls' night away at a friend's cabin. I hate to say its a much needed break because I LOVE my day job but, well...its a much needed break. Today's delivery will probably be posted tomorrow because I'm taking these Fehry wings and flying.

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