Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Delivery to the Fehries

During dinner tonight the doorbell rang. Cannon ran to answer it assuming it was for him (as it usually is). Instead he found a huge bag of Flour Fehry supplies - 25 lbs of Flour and 8lbs of sugar to be exact. Viv had to get out her wheelbarrow to move it all into the pantry! Wow! Thanks wonderful Fairy, whoever you are!

We started this little project as a way to spend time together and build lasting memories, which it has but something has surprised me. I'm overwhelmed by the power of gratitude. First of all this has become a way for us to acknowledge the people that are special in our lives, which is not something we do often in crazy busy life. Secondly, we have been amazed at the gratefulness shown back to us, not expected or solicited but surely thankful.


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