Saturday, October 16, 2010

Delivery #23 A Dog Napping

This delivery we picked because they are new to they neighborhood and have a bunch of fun sweet boys for the kiddos to play with. But we also wanted to tell a funny story. We just got home from our trip Thursday night so I had left our suitcase open on the master bedroom floor until I got around to emptying it. We had kids friends over yesterday and they had a blast, running in and out of the house. I went in the master bedroom around 2 pm and noticed that the kids had gotten into the suitcase and dug to the bottom until they found the leftover crackers I'd put in from the cabin. Wrappers and clothes everywhere. Friends were over now so I stuffed the clothes back in the suitcase and closed the flap, I'd wait to get after them until after their friends were gone. Then I shut the bedroom door. Around 5 the kids were playing hide and seek and opened my bedroom door. About 5 minutes later the neighbor's dog comes running out of my bedroom. Weird, someone must have left the back door open downstairs. Took the dog home and the their boys said she had been gone for a while. Not until I got home and noticed that the suitcase had been freshly excavated, did I realize what had probably happened. Doggie must have come in with the kids earlier in the afternoon. Saw that comfy pile of clothes, had a snack and took a nap in the suitcase. In the meantime I come in pile clothes on top of her and shut the flap and bedroom door. Few hours later she escapes from the suitcase and then the bedroom. LOL, I'm just glad it wasn't a kid I unknowingly stuffed in a suitcase all afternoon...I think you can go to jail for that! At least she had some snacks in there. Anyhow, hope she isn't too traumatized!

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