Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom's choice

Smith's had crushed Heath bars for baking on sale...I LOVE them, so we stocked up. The recipe on the back of the package looked awesome Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies. A bit of a major Flour Fehry misplace - we cannot find the attachment to our KitchenAid, my guess is someone was licking the beater and hide it somewhere. But in the mean time we tried out the Magic Bullet as our cream the butter and sugar tool.

Egg Crack Queen

We ran out of peanut butter so we used some almond butter too, next time I bet they would be so good with just almond butter.

This looks cute and funny but he actually wouldn't give us the package and we got into a bit of a tugging fight that ended in one of us sitting the rest of the baking session in his room.

We got a new oven mitt for Halloween, can you believe all the baking we do and I don't own a decent adult sized oven mitt (we have a bazillion kids ones but I can't even fit my thumb in them).

YUM!!! We will make these again!

Here is the recipe

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