Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delivery #18 - WE WERE CAUGHT

Two deliveries today. This was Viv's choice and she chose her new best preschool buddy (and her nice mommy and daddy and the other kids that live there too). This little girl and her brother are in Viv's same preschool class which was a surprise because I know her Mom but didn't know they would be going at the same time. Their mom and I first met when we were pregnant with all of them (they are twins). She is such a pure loving person. I think she is very special so its extra sweet that her daughter and Viv have become friends.
Today was a tough delivery. This is possible the longest and steepest driveway in the entire state; add to that heavy rain and heels (yes I was a delivery Fehry today, no one else was man enough to help Viv). Just as we get up the stairs, the front door cheerily opens, BUSTED! We pretended we didn't notice, dropped our loot and headed down the hill. Viv slipped but recovered.
One of the wimps, I mean boys, took this picture out the car window.

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