Monday, October 4, 2010

Delivery #16

Today is really Gigi's day (ie Mom's choice) but since Viv had so much fun having Girls Only Day, I let her pick. She had a hard time deciding today but finally decided on a neighbor girl, actually THE neighbor girl. This neighborhood is girl poor (or maybe its boy rich). So as far as close by neighbors she is the only other girl around (besides Gigi). Her mama was also so sweet to bring us goodies when she heard we had adopted Gigi.
This was Kai's first official delivery, he insisted on being the cameraman (note to self, get a super cheap camera to use on these deliveries). Viv even rang the doorbell herself! Then we started home but didn't get far before we were accosted by another neighbor's little MinPin...fierce!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry we weren't home! THE neighborhood girl will be so excited in the morning when she wakes up to a pink bag of delicious cookies! Thanks Flour Fehries!!!!