Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ok I have to admit two things; I don't like pie crust (making it or eating it), and we did roast a beautiful pumpkin with every intention of making it into a pie BUT I got to making YUMMY pumpkin soup over the weekend and ended up using all of our pumpkin so this actually came from a can.
I asked for Grammy's help with the pie crust because every time I try to make it it ends up tasting like the crust in those nasty frozen chicken pot pies. So her and Cannon made this batch and I forgot to ask for the recipe so I will post it later. Here are Cannon and Grammy hand mixing the crust over at her house.

They made the pie dough on Sunday then we kept it in the fridge until today. Whatever they did, it worked, the dough rolled out perfectly.

Viv, Kai, and I decided on making mini-pumpkin pie cupcakes. Kai is beating the eggs.

We just used the recipe off of the canned pumpkin.

Look how cute they are!

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