Sunday, October 10, 2010

Delivery #20 Wooooowoooo 20% of our goal!

The timing on this delivery may seem suspicious as these fav neighbors are considering selling their home and we'd prefer they stay ;) but actually it was all about proximity...wanted the waffles to be hot off the griddle! These neighbors built their home about a year after us. They have soon-to-be 5 kids nearly the same ages as ours (although when they moved in we both only had 3 kiddos) and they all get along amazingly well. We've kind of turned our yards into one big neighborhood playland(although their yard is way more fun than ours). Their kiddos are always respectful and especially good about helping out all the littler guys. They are exactly the "send a kid over to borrow a cup of sugar" kind of neighbors that make a real neighborhood.
Cannon and Viv ran up and made this delivery. Viv was very upset that she was caught. I asked her who saw her and she said "It was the dog, you don't think he'll tell do you?"