Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspiration leads to a redesign

I ordered Gigi the cutest fuzzy pink bear hat off of a few weeks ago. It arrived yesterday from Spain. Inside the envelope the little hat was wrapped in plain brown paper with a dark brown satin bow and this simple but beautiful tag.

It honestly didn't matter what was inside, just from the wrapping I already had it in my head it was beautiful even if it turned out to be an old peach pit. So that was the inspiration for our Flour Fehry tag update. We decided we wanted our tags to look like they were sitting there helping us bake; soaking up all the love and vanilla and cinnamon. So we printed out some tags on cardstock and cut them into cute tag shapes with our fancy edge scissors.

Then we used some ginger spice and raspberry zinger tea bags and a little water to distress our tags. (Kai came in as we were using our wadded up teabags to wipe all over the tags. He asked if he could rub some of that poop all over too). We added splatters and cup rings to authenticate!

Look how cute.

Best of all they are tea scented! Hopefully now our deliveries will look so impressive that they MUST taste great too.

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