Friday, October 8, 2010

Delivery #19 - Mom got caught again

I'm no good at this! The kids never get caught, I get caught every time.
This was Cashel's delivery, he chose his teacher. He is having a great first grade year thanks to his awesome teacher. She was also Cannon's teacher when he was in first grade and he loved her too. She is especially good at seeing kids as individuals with their own set of talents as weaknesses. There is nothing more endearing to a mom than to find someone who sees your child as special and unique in the way you do. Cashel has bloomed this year and loves everything about school and learning. We are so lucky to attend such a great school who values having great teachers. THANKS!
Now for the lame delivery. We had it all planned that I would deliver it to the classroom last night because we had math night at the school but the brownies weren't quite ready so I took them today before volunteering. I think I'll leave delivery to the kids from now on.

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