Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delivery #27

Wow! I'm really late in posting this. This was Cashel's choice and he was really having a hard time deciding (he thinks out his recipe and deliveries very carefully). He spent all morning before school worried about who he should give his goodies to. He finally decided it should be someone at school but he couldn't decide, deciding turned to tears, finally he told me to just decide for him. Well in all the stress and drama, I forgot to put his lunch in his lunchbox (and Cannon's homework and snack). About an hour later I get a call from the front office at the school saying Cashel was quite upset about his lunch not being in his pack. I brought it to him later and heard the story of him coming to the office in tears, not knowing what to do without his lunch.
I grew up in a tiny school, the same school that my mother had attended. There were 6 kids in my class. Everyone in the school knew everyone. My aunt was the special-ed teacher. My English teacher was one of my grandmother's favorite friends. My bus driver had a farm just down the hill from us. I was always watched after, known personally, and was never just a nameless face or number. So, now living in a larger city, I had really worried about my kids being lost in their school. I worried about them not getting a sense of community and I worried they would just be a nameless face or number in an overcrowded sea of kiddos. Not so.
I love that the school my kids go to has that same small town feel and that the teachers and staff try to get to know the kids. LOVE IT!
So this delivery was to the person who called me and then told Cash that she KNEW his mom would take care of his lunch ;)
Viv and I were the delivery Fehries and of course we were caught that seems to happen every time I am involved.

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